The next generation of video games console has raised its standards in terms of technology, quality, and gaming experience. There are now much better graphics, processing power, and game lineups. The release of the latest gaming consoles, such as PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, has taken the market by storm. Surely, these two gaming consoles would rule the gaming industry for the upcoming years.

In the present day, there is a variety of gaming consoles. From basic consoles that revive childhood memories to ultra-portable gaming rings, insanely powerful offerings for high-resolution HDR (High Dynamic Range), and virtual reality gaming, there are countless options for game enthusiasts to choose from!

The most popular Gaming Consoles that any game enthusiast would love to have this Christmas are Sony PlayStation 4 Pro, Xbox One S, Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Switch Lite, Asus ROG Phone 2, Microsoft Xbox One X, PlayStation 4 Slim, SNES Classic, Google Stadia, and Apple iPad Pro 11. However, elaborated below are the top-rated gaming consoles of the present day.

Sony PlayStation 4 Pro – The Best Gaming Console

Sony PlayStation is the best gaming console in every aspect. Its design is actually a derivative of the standard PS4 but not an exact copy of it. There is this joke about PlayStation 4 Pro that it looks like two individual PS4s are stacked, one on the top of each other. That is why PS4 Pro occupies more space than its predecessor.

Well, Sony has put innovation in the designing of the PS4 Pro. The 8 Jaguar cores of the AMD processors are clocked at 2.1 GHz rather than 1.6 GHz in PS4 PRO. The RAM capacity is the same as that of the PS4, i.e., 8GB, while the running speed has been modified from 176GB/s to 218GB/s. Other than that, it has a 1TB hard drive and has 500 gigabytes more than the standard version. Besides, this version has a more powerful Wi-Fi antenna, i.e., of 802.11 ac, and a stronger Bluetooth receiver/ transmitter of 4.0. However, there is a drawback; the data transfer process from the precedent versions was much easier and just needed an Ethernet cable for hooking up the devices.

Not only PS4 Pro’s performance is high, but it has also enhanced the entire gaming experience by virtue of its increased processing power.

Xbox One S – The Best Gaming Console for Multimedia

Xbox One S is an exceptionally engineered gaming console that sends the players in a state of awe. It is powered by a strong power supply and a 2TB hard drive, which is 40% larger than its predecessor, Xbox One.

Microsoft actually did magic with this gaming console; maybe it is the internal rearrangement and creation of better airflow that has rendered the console densely packed. In addition, it has ensured efficient cooling. Besides, Xbox One S also has an extensive modification in its exterior design compared to its predecessor. Moreover, in this version, Microsoft has replaced the capacitive with physical buttons for turning on the console and ejecting game discs, and the USB 3.0 ports are present on the console’s front face.

The content loading speed of Xbox One S is way too faster even at a higher resolution than the Xbox One, which used to be slow even at standard resolutions.

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The exciting part is that one can stream apps like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Video, and YouTube as Xbox One S supports the 4K version of these apps.

Another impressive aspect about the Xbox One S Controller is that it natively supports Bluetooth, which means that you can use it on both your console as well as PC. Also, this is the first Microsoft Controller to have this function.

Nintendo Switch – Best Hybrid Gaming Console

Nintendo Switch is a versatile gaming console that functions in multiple areas. This gaming console has gained great popularity among the gaming audience.

The Nintendo Switch game console comes along with different accessories that are required to set the console up. The entire setup is not only ideal but also seems very cool and classic. The impressive accessories among these are Joy-Con controllers as these have an extensively mind-blowing functionality built into them. Besides, this gaming device lets the players play games on both the TV screen and its handheld screen.

In fact, you can even transfer the view from the handheld screen to the television screen even in the mid of the game, without any glitch. However, there’s a little drawback, and that is, the Switch does not support 4K game playing. You can get a maximum of 720p resolution on the handheld screen, whereas a resolution of 1080p on the television screen. But when it comes to portability and versatility, Nintendo Switch is the perfect gaming console. Also, its inventive hybrid design and dynamic controllers provide a seamless gaming experience.

PlayStation 4 Slim – Best Starter Console

The PS4 Slim is the best gaming console for starters. In fact, it is the best alternative for PS4 Pro with all the performance perks but at a slightly lesser price.

This standard PS4 is appropriate for nearly every game. It also supports a respectable resolution of 30 FPS and 1080n, which provides a high-quality watching experience. The most beneficial aspect of PS4 Slim is that it is efficient in terms of energy consumption. It consumes up to 28% less power than the PS4 Pro. Also, its fan is not that noisy. However, the disk drive is quite noisy.

Overall, the PS4 Slim is almost similar to PS4 Pro in many general aspects. But some tech specs are upgraded in it. Its UI is a bit more responsive than PS4 Pro. Though still, tech-savvy consumers prefer the PS4 Pro gaming console over PS4 Slim.

SNES Classic – Best for Classic Game Lovers

If there is any classic game lover around you, then SNES Classic could be the gift you can buy for your friends this Christmas.

SNES Classic efficiently supports all those classic 16-bit generations of gaming consoles and games. However, the design of SNES Classic is very similar to the NES Mini.

There are excellent emulated games that SNES Classic features and runs. Super Metroid, Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, Final Fantasy III, and Super Mario World are some of the cool games that one gets to play on SNES Classic.

What could be a better gift than a gaming console for a gaming enthusiast? However, if you are open for other options, you can check some popular Christmas gifts.