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Every day, thousands of people play bingo online in the UK. With more than 100 online bingo websites to choose from and many quirky variations of traditional bingo games, players are really spoilt for choice regarding where they take their business.

And with so many providers competing for people’s attention, businesses must ensure that they can attract as many people as they can to their site. Today, any online bingo site hoping to succeed must provide players with the opportunity to play on their smartphones and tablet. Let’s look at why mobile websites are a must for all bingo sites operating in the UK.

People are switching to mobile browsing. 

Before we look at bingo sites, it’s necessary to address some statistics regarding mobile browsing. According to Oberlo, in 2019, mobile web traffic accounted for 52.6% of global web traffic. Therefore, more than half of website visits worldwide are done via mobile devices and not on a desktop computer. When you think about this statistic, it would be fair to say that it would be suicidal for any business in the modern age not to have a mobile-friendly site, as they would miss out on half the potential business from people who prefer playing/shopping/browsing on a mobile device.

Bingo sites must be mobile to cater for their customers.

As we now understand, bingo websites like the top UK sites must ensure their platforms are mobile-friendly so that they can attract as many people as possible to their site. In such a competitive industry already, bingo sites can’t risk losing half of their potential customers simply because their site isn’t mobile-friendly. It would be naïve to think that customers would be loyal enough to go to a desktop site whenever they want to play. Instead, it’s much more likely that players would simply sign up for a competitor’s services if their preferred platform isn’t mobile-friendly.

People want to play bingo everywhere, not just at home. 

If you think about how people’s habits have evolved recently, you will appreciate just how attached we all are to our smartphones. Whenever we’re in public, we see people glued to their phones all around us, completing various tasks as they’re on the move or commuting. People enjoy playing games on their phones and want to access their favorite platforms regardless of where they are or what they’re doing. If they have fifteen minutes to spare at work, for example, they might like to have a couple of games of bingo to pass the time. Again, bingo sites need to capitalize on people’s compulsion to play on their phones and ensure that they provide people with the opportunity to login whenever they feel like it.

Even when people are at home, they often prefer playing on their phones. 

Nowadays, people enjoy multi-tasking, particularly when it comes to tech. It’s common for bingo players to get home after work, sit in front of the TV to tune into their favorite shows and play some bingo on their mobile phones. If players were forced to log in to their desktop computer or open up their laptop, it would limit the amount of time they are likely to spend playing bingo. However, if they can simply tap an app on their smartphone or tablet and access a game, they’re much likely to play for longer, resulting in more profit for the bingo website.

Without mobile, bingo sites will be left behind. 

When it comes to online gambling, many companies like MrQ and Sun Vegas provide a mobile platform for their customers. If you think about sports betting, all major bookmakers have apps so players can access in-play markets and bet on sports from anywhere in the world. Many of these bookmakers also have online casinos, slot machine-style games, and other options for keen online gamblers. Suppose bingo websites don’t offer a mobile platform. In that case, they risk falling behind in the gambling industry and are likely to lose customers to other platforms that do offer customers an interactive mobile experience.

Overall, in the modern-day, bingo websites need to ensure they have mobile-friendly browsers or apps to ensure that they don’t lose customers to competitors and allow their clients to play wherever they are in the world.