If you have ever been to a casino or ever seen a casino scene in a movie, you must have heard about Roulette. Roulette is one of the most played games in casinos. It has a lot of thrill as its high risk and high reward. While there are other games like Poker and slots, which require a certain amount of skill to actually enjoy, Roulette allows you to play efficiently even if you are a newbie.

If you are looking for reasons as to why Roulette has become so popular all over the world, then you are at the right place. Here are some reasons which made the game enjoyable for everyone.

The game is beginner-friendly

Although most casino games are said to have been dominated by luck instead of actual skill, games like Poker, Baccarat and even Blackjack require some knowledge of the game to actually understand what’s going on, which means it’s not all luck. However, Roulette is so easy to pick up that you can just look at one game and understand what’s going on.

There are 36 numbers on the wheel that is used to play Roulette. What happens is — players choose a number out of those to bet on. Then, a ball spins around the wheel and eventually stops on one number. If that number was yours, then congratulations, you have won else you have to start over. It is as simple as that.

Due to the game being this easy, it became extremely popular all over the world. And according to H2 Gambling Capital, roulette obtained great popularity over the last years in countries such as France, which is the homeland of the game, Italy, and especially Finland. Finland’s gambling industry is a whopping 3.2 billion Euros yearly. You can probably figure out how much Finns like their casinos. Every casino has Roulette in it, which is called ruletti in the native language.

It’s a social gathering

Although Roulette is basically dependent on luck and most gamblers who are there to win money try to avoid Roulette, Roulette is just so fun to play that it feels like a social gathering. When you enter a casino, the place you will hear the loudest cheers from will probably be from a Roulette table. The crowd just gets louder and louder as the wheel is coming to a stop.

One more thing that makes Roulette fun to play with people is a number can be betted on by multiple people at the same time. Imagine all of your friends betting on a number that you think is lucky and actually winning. You can just guess the enthusiasm you guys will have after you get that money.

It is Unique

Casino games are mostly related to cards, and it tends to get boring when every time you sit in front of a guy shuffling and distributing the same deck of 52 cards. Now Poker is a game that you won’t get bored of easily, but it is just as hard to play. On the other hand, Roulette is very dynamic, and you just can’t take the fun out of a spinning wheel no matter how many times you see it a spin.

The drama that the ball and the wheels add to the game is really unique and can’t be found in any other games. The real fun begins when a guy bets big money on a number and lets the fate of his money be decided by a white ball.

Even crowds of people who are strangers root for each other and just have fun together. You are not against anyone in the game so people tend to enjoy each other and take it as a communal event rather than a competitive game. These aspects of the game just make the game loved by anyone and everyone.