No matter how well you drive, at some point in your life, you may obtain a traffic ticket for one reason or another. Traffic ticket lawyers may save you money and time. A Colorado Traffic Lawyer may prevent your driver’s license from being suspended or your insurance rates from increasing. When you hire an experienced traffic ticket law firm, they may be able to reduce your worry regarding your traffic violation. More importantly, a traffic lawyer will give you options on how to move forward on your case.

When you are charged with a traffic offense, there are many possible repercussions you may face. Here are just a few examples of penalties associated with traffic tickets:

  • You may be incarcerated
  • You may have to pay a fine
  • You may have to pay for the cost of damage you caused
  • You may have to attend a safe driving course
  • Your insurance premiums may rise
  • You may incur points on your driver’s license
  • Your driver’s license may be suspended

Although some traffic offenses can be resolved by merely paying the traffic ticket fines without the assistance of an attorney, doing so may result in unwanted consequences, including some listed above. An experienced traffic attorney will inform you of these potential situations that you may not otherwise know about. Consider the following example:

Mary is cited with careless driving in June 2018, a four-point traffic violation. Prior to this ticket, Mary has several other traffic violations from 2017 and 2018 that add up to a total of eight points on her driver’s license record. Mary is tempted to merely pay the ticket associated with her June 2018 citation.

However, if she does, the four points from careless driving will likely be added to her driver’s history. Without an experienced traffic attorney, Mary may not be aware that her driver’s license is at risk by paying the ticket. Had Mary hired a traffic lawyer, she would be informed of the options she has, and the risks associated with each option.

Traffic attorneys may also save you time. For certain offenses, you must appear before the courts, but for others, your appearance may be waived, and your attorney may appear on your behalf. Whether you are nervous about coming to court, live out of town, or have other obligations to attend to, a traffic attorney may be able to save you time by appearing on your behalf.

An experienced Colorado traffic attorney also has familiarity with negotiating the best plea bargain for your case. Without an attorney, you may not know what actions to take that will possibly enable a prosecutor to lower your charges.

Traffic attorneys who spend their time in the courthouses will know what steps you should take. By engaging with prosecutors on a daily basis, experienced traffic lawyers will know what to say, and what not to say. Hence, they have the best skills and knowledge to get you the best deal.

Perhaps most importantly, traffic attorneys will inform you of your options. Without an attorney, you may not know of all your options. Hence, you may take a plea deal that is not advantageous. An experienced traffic lawyer will present other options you may have.

For example, you may be better off going to trial, continuing the case in anticipation of further evidence, or transferring the case to another court division. An experienced traffic attorney will also inform you of the risks of each option as well.

Traffic attorneys may seem overkill at times. However, when you consider all the factors of your case, hiring a traffic attorney may be the best option for you. Without an experienced traffic lawyer’s assistance, you may eventually pay more money, spend more time, and/or not get the best resolution for your case. You may even lose your driving privileges.

That’s where the attorneys at Denver Traffic Lawyer, LLC can help. With a combined experience of over 16 years, we may be able to get an advantageous outcome in your case.