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PC games, app stores, casino games like real money slots, and streaming programs: You may be using your console for all of these, but you can do it all and more with your mobile phones too. Moreover, mobile phones are cheaper, take up less space, and are portable: You can play games or access your files wherever you go.  In this article, we will compare mobile phones and consoles and talk about why mobile devices will beat consoles sooner or later.

The Hardware Is Not That Different Anymore

Consoles are devices older than cell phones: they existed even in the ’70s and have always been used for home entertainment. When smartphones first hit the market, they couldn’t even come close to consoles in terms of hardware power. The first generation iPhones were released in 2007, and at that time, the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 were the devices of choice for gamers. For you to have an idea, let’s say that the first generation iPhones only had 128 MB RAM and a 412 MHz processor. PlayStation 3 had 256 MB RAM and a dedicated G70 series graphics processing unit. It was designed for gaming only, and no phone could ever rival it.

In 2020, these hardware differences no longer matter. We can even say that mobile phones are more advantageous. For example, PlayStation 4 is a console that is still on sale, and it has a 28 nm processor with 8 GB of RAM. Most of the Android phones currently on the market already come with 8 GB of RAM (e.g. OnePlus Nord, Poco X2, Redmi Note 9 Pro Max, etc.), and their processors use 7 nm technology. In other words, new generation Android phones are far superior to modern consoles such as PlayStation 4 in terms of hardware power. Moreover, they can provide the same quality or even better quality graphics in some games. When it comes to visual quality and hardware power, phones are on par with consoles, or even better, and the gap will be even wider next year: We will soon see phones that are more powerful than the PlayStation or Xbox.

Smartphones Are Much More Practical To Use

Compared to PCs, consoles claim to provide a practical gaming experience, and that’s true: You just need to insert the disc. But to start playing, you also need a comfortable seat and a large TV (preferably 4K). Moreover, all of these should stand in one place: You have to be at home to start the game. Mobile phones have a great advantage in this respect: You can start playing wherever and whenever you want. You don’t have to find an outlet, lie down on a sofa, or use a TV. Tap the icon of the app and start playing in a matter of seconds: Consoles cannot offer such practical use.

Mobile Phones Have A Much Bigger Audience

A survey conducted in 2018 shows that around 160 million people in the United States own a console. Let’s use this number for the rest of the world, and even be generous and assume that the total number of consoles in the world is 400 million. That’s a fair number, right? The number of people using an iOS or Android-based phone is 3.5 billion. Approximately 45% of the world’s population uses a smartphone. The “400 million” is therefore not impressive: There are more Android games downloaded than that number! There are 3.5 billion people in the world who have a device at least as powerful as a console in their pocket: No device can reach such a user base.

If this data was not enough to convince you, let us state that the number of console users is gradually decreasing and the number of mobile phone users continues to increase. A study covering the years between 2014-2018 revealed that the number of console users is decreasing every year. There is a reduction of about 14%, which means that the number of people who choose to buy a console keeps decreasing. Consoles are expensive devices, and most importantly, devices that require constant investment: After purchasing the console, you need to continue to buy games. Developers plan to sell AAA games with a price tag of 70 EUR nowadays. So after purchasing only 5 games, you pay more than you paid for the console. Games on mobile phones are almost always free: you don’t have to spend a single penny. In other words, mobile phone gaming is a much cheaper job. For all these reasons, we think that mobile phones are more popular than consoles and this situation will continue. If you pay attention, we said “they are”, not “they will be”: Consoles lost to cell phones years ago.